Martin Turner

Using the traditional medium of pencil, Martin Turner embodies the simplicity of fine art. His hyper realistic drawings are decisive, obsessed with light and texture, and imbued with a confidence that comes from the technical mastery of his medium. The astonishing fact that Martin only picked up his pencils in 2016 and is completely self-taught simply adds to the story.  

Martin describes his current work as being more akin to taking the time to read a novel - investing in slowly connecting with the emotion, suspense and detail - rather than the fast-pace of a movie.  These monochrome drawings capture a moment, a freeze-frame or a still, engaging the audience with enough detail to be fully absorbed, while promising more in every viewing of these rich, multifaceted images.

Achievements to date include live television and radio features for The Other Art Fair and winning an award at the South West Academy of Fine Art Open Exhibition at Exeter Castle. Martin has also been selected by the Royal Society of British Artists and exhibited at the Mall Galleries as well as Chelsea College of Art as part of FLUX.

His work is exhibited internationally including representation at London and Singapore Affordable Art Fairs. 

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